Linn-Mar Schools settles lawsuit over sex abuse allegations

Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 6:31 PM CST
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The Linn-Mar Community School District has settled a lawsuit with a former student over allegations a former teacher sexually assaulted her.

An I9 investigation last year revealed that the teacher had faced multiple complaints about inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct.

The alleged victim in the case, who is now legally an adult, settled with Linn-Mar Schools for $125,000. The District's insurance company will be responsible for paying out the money.

The lawsuit claimed the victim was one of at least 15 people who complained about the Excelsior Middle School teacher's behavior towards female students. The teacher kept working for Linn-Mar Schools even after the complaints but they were eventually allowed to resign in 2018 after months on administrative leave.

This case was the catalyst for a new state law requiring school districts to report allegations of abuse to the state within 30 days.

District spokesperson Kevin Fry told I9 in a written statement that the insurance company "unilaterally decided to settle this case", adding the district was ready to "defend this case and was looking forward to providing our side of the story".

The district did not respond to I9's request for an interview.

The parents of the alleged victim tell I9 they hope the settlement sends a message and that they plan to "continue to work pushing Legislators on disciplining lax reporting by administrators."