KCRG-TV9 produces more than 30 hours of local news from its state-of-the-art automated HD studio each week. KCRG-TV9 is also the leader in live local community coverage, delivering live broadcasts of high school sports and more on KCRG 9.2. We cover your community events like no one else does. We're listening and working to deliver what you want on your KCRG 9.2! KCRG 9.3 is programmed with Antenna TV. Watch your all-time old time favorites from the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Plus receive KCRG-TV9 news and weather updates twice an hour. KCRG 9.2 live events and WxNow radar are also available to stream online and on ROKU.

Antenna installation: Are you a current satellite customer and wondering how you can get all the great live and local content that KCRG 9.2 and KCRG 9.3 has to offer? No problem - we've got you covered! Installing an antenna is fast and easy! Watch our short instructional video and you'll be watching KCRG 9.2 and KCRG 9.3 in no time!

- How to select the right antenna
- Tips for using a digital antenna
- Where to find an antenna

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Live Events on 9.2


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May 23- Jefferson HS Graduation- 7pm

May 24- Kennedy HS Graduation- 7pm

May 25- Prairie HS Graduation- 12:30pm

May 25- CR Washington Graduation- 7pm

May 26- Linn-Mar HS Graduation- 1pm

May 26- Metro Hs Graduation- 3:30pm (Ceremony from 5/25)

May 26- Marion HS Graduation- 6pm

May 30- HS Softball- Doubleheader- Lisbon @ N. Linn- 5pm

June 6- Marion By Moonlight- 6:30pm

June 8- Fight with Flash Crosstown Classic- noon

June 10- Hs Baseball

June 13- HS Softball Doubleheader- Hempstead @ Jefferson- 5:30pm

June 14- Kernels Baseball- 6:30pm

June 18- HS Softball Doubleheader- Western Dubuque vs Liberty @ Mt. Mercy- 5:30pm

June 23- Iowa Womens Softball League- noon

June 24- HS Baseball Doubleheader- Marion @ Solon- 5pm

June 29- Freedom Festival Parade- 10am

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