Snow removal services hopeful more snow will boost business

Published: Jan. 3, 2020 at 8:54 PM CST
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Friday’s snowfall has been long-awaited for many snow removal companies. One private business says this has been one of the slower years for him.

Business owner Matthew Brown with Go See Brown says around this time of the year he's been out to on average at least 9 or 10 snow events - helping local businesses and residents. He says last year, he remembers, hitting the streets after at least 20 events, so he's aware of the unpredictability

However, he says it hasn't been a big hit to business because there have been plenty of days where other work is needed.

"Last week, we had salt to put down because of the ice, so there's always something keeping you busy," said Brown.

Friday he said he does expect to be out on his job.

"If we get a big push, I'll be out for the next 24 hours catching up, getting it all cleaned up for the public. It just depends on what Mother Nature does,” Brown added.

Brown is hopeful services for snow will start to pick up, and says his advice for the public is to know when to call professionals to help, as heart attacks and injuries from snow shoveling are common during this time of the year.

He also reminds motorists to stay safe on the roads and be mindful of snowplows and other snow removal service vehicles that may be out.