Iowa boy reaches out to police to help fight bad guys in his bedroom

Eldridge police officer helps six-year-old fight bad guys in his new room. (Amanda Williams)
Eldridge police officer helps six-year-old fight bad guys in his new room. (Amanda Williams)(KWQC)
Published: Aug. 27, 2019 at 9:29 AM CDT
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An Iowa police officer is being called a hero after he helped out a little boy.

Six-year-old Hayden told his mom he thought there were bad guys in his new bedroom when his attic door opened, station KWQC reported.

Hayden's mom, Amanda Williams, said there wasn't one. Williams said she thinks it happened due to the way air circulates in the home or other doors being shut.

But she couldn't convince Hayden. He wanted a police officer to take a look.

So Hayden and his mom went to the Eldridge Police Department and talked to School Resource Officer Bruce Schwarz about the problem.

Hayden told Officer Schwarz he had trouble sleeping at night because he was scared.

"They asked if I'd come over and check the house out,” said Schwarz. “And I said sure. So I went and looked around the house a little bit."

Schwarz did not find anything for Hayden to be worried about.

Hayden said he’s been happy and able to sleep better at night now that Officer Schwarz helped.. He also feels comfortable enough to play in the attic now.

"I'm definitely not special,” said Schwarz. “Anyone of our officers would have done the exact same thing. We do this job for that reason --- to help people."

Officer Schwartz also met Hayden on his first day of school to check on him and make sure he was feeling better.

"It was a good day on the first day of school,” said Hayden. “And on the second day, it was good too. And I bet tomorrow is going to be a good day."

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