Fareway Dietitian: Salmon Power Bowls

Sat Jan 25 07:12:25 PST 2020

Fareway Dietitian: Salmon Power Bowls

Ingredients For the salmon: 4 (4 ounce) salmon filets 2 Tbsp. olive oil 1 Tbsp. paprika tsp. garlic powder tsp. dried thyme Salt and pepper, to taste Zest of 1 lime For the dressing 1 cup plain Greek yogurt cup fresh cilantro Juice of 2 limes 1 tsp. honey Salt, to taste For the power bowl 1 cup cooked quinoa 2 cups baby spinach 3 oranges or grapefruits, segmented 1 avocado, sliced Directions Season salmon with oil, paprika, garlic powder, thyme, salt, pepper and lime zest. Heat a medium skillet over medium-high heat. Add salmon, skin side up, and sear for 35 minutes on each side or until salmon is cooked through and flakes easily with a fork. Combine dressing ingredients in a blender or food processor and set aside. To assemble: divide quinoa, spinach, orange or grapefruit segments and avocado among four bowls. Top with salmon fillet and dressing. Nutrition information per serving: 354 calories; 17.6 g fat; 2.5 g saturated fat; 18.4 mg cholesterol; 32.6 g carbohydrate; 8.4 g fiber; 4.6 g sugar; 16.5 g protein

Iowa Supreme Court upholds Iowa City man's 'stand your ground' conviction

A jury convicted Lamar Wilson of voluntary manslaughter in a 2017 shooting. Wilson appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court who upheld the decision.

Diamond Jo Casino placing workers on unpaid furlough starting April 11

Most workers for Diamond Jo casino are being placed on unpaid furlough starting tomorrow.

Iowa Supreme Court upholds Iowa City man's 'stand your ground' conviction

The Iowa Supreme Court is upholding the conviction of an Iowa city man after a 2017 deadly shooting on the Ped Mall.

Governor Reynolds announced 2 more COVID-19 deaths in Linn county

Governor Kim Reynolds said Iowa saw 118 new positive cases of COVID-19 from Thursday to Friday morning.

More than half of Americans say they're using face masks

After the C-D-C recommended Americans wear face masks when in public, more than half of Americans who left home say they used one this week.

Gov. Reynolds announces 'Feeding Iowa Task Force'

Governor Reynolds announced a new organization aimed at helping feed those who are food insecure in Iowa, the 'Feeding Iowa Task Force.'


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