Thu Dec 12 20:23:45 PST 2019

Memorial for Mollie Tibbetts

Students in Powesheik County have been learning this year not just about math, science and readingbut also about Mollie Tibbetts, and what she stood for.

First Alert Forecast

A little bit of precipitation is possible this morning, then very cold air moves into eastern Iowa on strong, gusty west-northwest winds.

Falling tree branches cause issues

An Iowa City landlord says he's worried that he could lose his rental permit.

Treating roads ahead of the storm

People who will be out tonight though are snow plow drivers, and they've been out all day today treating the roads and making them safe.

Weather-related crashes on Friday

Cedar Rapids police say since the snow started, they responded to more than a dozen weather-related crashes

Snow storms brings people out shopping

People can usually expecting grocery stores full of people the day before a snow event, but when the forecast is for most of the weekend, it gets even more crazy.

Truck nearly misses trooper

Video shows a pick-up truck on Interstate 80 sliding off the road and almost hitting a trooper and delivery truck driver.


First Alert Pinpoint Doppler Radar


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