Carson King to attend Iowa football game to participate in "the wave"

Mon Sep 23 16:55:00 PDT 2019

Carson King to attend Iowa football game to participate in "the wave"

The Cyclone fan will be at this Saturday's Hawkeye game in Iowa City. Carson King says he wants to be there to be part of "the wave" from Kinnick to the young patients in the children's hospital waving back.

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Plan on record cold to continue today. There are still a few slick spots on the roads, too.

Past whistleblower speaks in Iowa City

The word "whistle blower" is one that's been in the news just about every night for the past couple of months. Monday night, one of the most famous whistle blowers in American history argued in Iowa City that Americans need to know the truths about the current wars the country is fighting in order to bring them to an end.

College Community approves land plan

The College Community School District bought more than 150 acres of land with state SAVE, or Secure an Advanced Vision for Education, funds.

Dubuque investigation stopped after resignation

A divided Dubuque City Council halted an impending investigation into the city's workplace culture, including the City Manager.

Different cities have differing policies for snow on sidewalks

Various towns in eastern Iowa have different rules for when snow should be cleared, and different penalties for homeowners and business who do not comply.

Tipton Middle School hosts Veteran's Day special

Nearly 100 veterans gathered at a middle school in eastern Iowa today to help students learn about the importance of Veterans Day.


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