Positive Parenting: Online media use and mental health

Sat Sep 21 07:03:00 PDT 2019

Positive Parenting: Online media use and mental health

A recent survey conducted by common sense media found teens spend about one-third of their day or nearly nine hours using online media. Scientists are now finding the amount of time they spend on digital devices may affect their mental health

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After a frosty start, we have a pleasantly cool day ahead of us.

SNS: Marc Morehouse

The Gazette's Marc Morehouse breaks down Iowa loss to Penn State in this week's Sunday Night Spotlight.

A history of volunteering

The History Center in Cedar Rapids is a place where visitors can discover information about the Linn County's past.

Women diagnosed with bipolar disorder shares her story

One Cedar Rapids native also learned she is not alone, and is now sharing her story about mental health.

Karim Project

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 35-hundred babies in the US die suddenly and unexpectedly each year.


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