Progress treating cancer that affects young children promising

Mon Sep 16 21:00:38 PDT 2019

Progress treating cancer that affects young children promising

A team of scientists is hoping it can stop a deadly form of brain cancer that affects some young children. And the University of Iowa says this research is showing promise in treating more than just this currently incurable cancer.

Staying safe while spending time outdoors

After spending so much timeinside, people may look to get out -- on a walk or a hike.

Nonprofit sees wave of volunteers

An area nonprofit says after dealing with a significant shortage of volunteers, they're seeing a massive wave of support.

School closures extended

Governor Reynolds order also extends school closures.

Meeting through the glass

For a pair of eastern Iowa grandparents, meeting their first grandchild this past weekendwas heartwarming, but difficult at the same time.

Recruiting reserve doctors and nurses if needed

Johnson County is recruiting for reserve doctors and nurses if theCOVID-19 outbreak gets worse.

Black Hawk County updates on COVID-19

Today in Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson made a point to reinforce the idea that the governor proclamations are not optional, and they need to be followed.


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