Debt collection through sports betting winnings on hold

Mon Aug 12 17:01:44 PDT 2019

Debt collection through sports betting winnings on hold

A legislative committee delayed a portion of Iowa's gambling rules that would allow the state to collect some the winnings of those who owe child support, back taxes or criminal debt.

Bill for SNAP work requirements could stress food pantries, advocates say

Fewer Iowans could have access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- formerly known as food stamps -- if a bill in the Iowa Senate becomes law.

Group provides recommendations to reduce opioid overdoses

State healthcare providers, researchers and law enforcement agencies recently came up with five recommendations to reduce opioid overdoses.

Bill requiring abortion wait period returns to legislature

A bill to require a waiting period before an abortion is back in the state legislature.

Police car conversation played at Burns trial as prosecution rests

The prosecution wrapped up its case against the man accused of killing Cedar Rapids 18-year-old Michelle Martinko more than 40 years ago.

First Alert Forecast

Flurries end and the sky clears bringing sunshine back on Thursday.

Ask the Veterinarian: Potty training during the winter

Many dog, like many people, do not like being out in the cold. Puppies have a hard time potty training in the cold.


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