Ernst proposes metal changes for U.S. coins

Ernst proposes metal changes for U.S. coins

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says it just makes "cents" for the government to use cheaper metals to make coins.

Vet Expert: Pets and mosquitos

Dr. David Graeff from Animal Care Hospital on Blairs Ferry Road talks mosquitos and heart issues

BBB: Financial tips for dealing with hearing aids

Bobby Hansen from the Better Business Bureau looks at what people should look for when it comes to doctors and hearing aids

Waterloo police believe body found on apartment complex canopy is missing woman

Police found the body of who they believe is 54-year-old Sharla Davis on a canopy. Authorities said they are awaiting autopsy results.

Iowa board of education gives school bus seats preliminary approval

The rule could be made official as soon as October.

Iowa audit says Henry County official took money for fake intern

A state audit says a county employee in Iowa who faked having an intern collected nearly $219,000 in improper payments.

Man who opened Manchester can redemption center facing theft charges

The man who bought and reopened a can redemption center in Manchester now faces theft charges.


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