Learning Rx Expert: Maintaining cognitive function

Mon Mar 25 11:01:15 PDT 2019

Learning Rx Expert: Maintaining cognitive function

Courtney Axline from Learning Rx talks about the importance of exercise for our brains everyday to maintain cognitive function

Private ambulance service in Dubuque wants traffic light control

Paramount, a private ambulance company in Dubuque, wants to use the city's traffic preemption service called Opticom. This is what allows first responders to change traffic lights in emergency situations.

Cady honored at public memorial

Wednesday, family and friends remembered Iowa Chief Justice Mark Cady. The 66-year-old died last week of a heart attack.

Iowa lags nation in student-counselor ratio

Many school counselors across the nation are each being assigned hundreds of students to care for. Here in Iowa, the student to counselor ratio is below what the recommendation is.

Board sends seclusion room proposals to next phase

The State Board of Education voted unanimously this morning to move ahead with a plan to create new rules for schools that use seclusion rooms.

Iowa Humane Alliance launches fundraising campaign

An eastern Iowa non-profit animal clinic says it's had so much success, it now needs more space to keep it up with demand.

Dubuque gifted six pet oxygen mask kits

The Dubuque Fire Department received a donation of oxygen masks for pets.


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