Choir making memories for those with memory loss

For those battling dementia and Alzheimers short term memory is often the first to go. But older memories, sometimes favorite songs, can linger longer. And Family Caregivers of Mercy recruited a choir made up of those with chronic memory conditions, caregivers and families to make some new memories. Its called Together in Song. For several months now, volunteers have worked with the chorus composed of about 25 people, many with memory loss issues, to learn how to sing together.

First Alert Forecast

Clear skies allow temperatures to fall quickly this evening into the overnight, with lows below zero. Wind chills will feel more like -10 to -20.

Puppy Born With Upside Down Paws Gets Surgery

An Oklahoma puppy born with his paws upside down is getting a new "leash" on life.

Iowa Man Makes a Car Out of Matchsticks

Instead of matchbox cars an Iowa man made a model car using matchsticks.

Positive Parenting: Baby Brain Building

At 12 months, most babies know and understand about 50 words. Researchers at Northwestern University offers some insight on how babies use the words they hear to learn more about the world.

Opioid Deaths Rose After More Money Spent Marketing

A new study suggests the more money pharmaceutical companies spend on marketing prescription drugs.

Illinois Plane Slides Off Runway Due To Wintry Weather

Scary moments for passengers and crew on board a United Airlines flight in Chicago.


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