Grassley comments on tax reform

Grassley comments on tax reform

Grassley says tax reform is outline, not detailed plan.

Criminal justice reform leader talks about dealing with crimes

A national voice on criminal justice reform urged Iowans to find different ways to deal with kids who commit crimes. Adam Foss spoke to a crowd at Coe College.

State senator Jeff Danielson talks about his resignation

Cedar Falls city leaders say they were surprised when a state senator who's also a veteran local firefighter suddenly resigned from both jobs. Jeff Danielson is the 8th Cedar Falls firefighter to resign since September over the city's move to replace firefighters with public safety officers.

Eastern Iowa businesses have mixed reaction to 'Green New Deal'

A proposed 'Green New Deal' in Congress is getting mixed reviews from eastern Iowa businesses.

Sprinker system may have saved lives during a Waterloo fire

Waterloo firefighters say a sprinkler system put out a kitchen fire on Friday morning.

Danielson: Leaving senate linked to leaving firehouse

State Senator Jeff Danielson says his decision to leave the legislature is directly linked to his decision to quit the Cedar Falls Fire Department,

University of Iowa student died of hypothermia

An autopsy revealed Gerald Belz, a University of Iowa student, died from hypothermia.


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