What Is Needed to Prove Age Discrimination Termination?

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The question comes from Jane Elizabeth. Jane asks “What is needed to legally prove an age discrimination termination claim?”

Riley says, “Discrimination, and in the context of age discrimination is the same as any other type of discrimination, basically, you have shifting burdens of proof. The first thing is, if there is adverse action, whether it’s termination or, or changes condition, the job, you have to show that you are a member of the protected class. So if you are over 40 for age, that creates an initial presumption that there was discrimination. The employer has to show basically a non-discriminatory reason or motive for what they did and then the burden goes back to the employee to say that’s a pre tax. You need to first comply with the civil rights requirements and file a claim with the appropriate Civil Rights Commission. So if you think there’s been a violation of civil rights, discrimination for age or any other protected class, you should talk to a lawyer.