Does a Delayed Census Affect Redistricting - Tom Riley Law Firm Answer

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Today we are speaking with Peter Riley of the Tom Riley Law Firm about a variety of questions from viewers.

Our first question is about parental rights. A mother that has joint custody, has moved and changed her number and taken the child. What rights does the father have? Peter explains how the court establishes things like visitation and custody in the divorce proceedings. If a person violates the custodial order, you can’t simply go and take the child. The best course of action is to file with the courts to seek legal action to correct the issue. Iowa abolished the right to sue for alienation of affections, however it is a piece the courts look at.

Our next questions is asking if a state can legally mandate a vaccine if the FDA hasn’t approved it? Peter explains how, in the 1900′s the it was recognized that the government can require vaccines. In regards to this specific COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA has approved it and therefore, it is legal to administer and even require this particular vaccine.

Finally, we have a questions about the 2020 census coming in late the how that will impact redistricting? Peter notes that this can be a serious issue. The Iowa constitution has a deadline for redistricting. Iowa is one of the few states that mandates non partisan districting to avoid gerrymandering that many states deal with. There are specific policies in place in Iowa, that includes the Supreme Court, that are required to be followed in redistricting. Getting census numbers in late will almost certainly cause a problem, however due to the nature of the problem, it is likely the state will be able to extend some deadlines in order to accomplish the redistricting.

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