Why Consider Bathroom Remodeling with Home Town Restyling?

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From full kitchen and bath remodels, decks and sunrooms, to replacement windows and doors and more, Home Town Restyling provides the best quality products and service in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and surrounding Eastern Iowa area.

One of the more popular projects that people choose to do in the winter months is bathroom remodeling. Many homes were not built with the needs of an aging population in mind so one of the most beneficial aspects of remodeling an older bathroom is the flexibility it affords homeowners, particularly as they get older.

Tom Casey said many people remodel their bathrooms for many reasons.

“You have your customers that need to do it for maintenance reasons to get tile falling off the wall and they need to get it done pretty quickly,” said Casey. “Then, you have your other customers who are looking to keep the house modern with that updated look and updated colors that are available.”

At Home Town Restyling, we have options for every budget and situation. Depending on your needs, we have experienced crews who will give you a full-on bathroom remodel, gutting the entire space, rearranging plumbing and electrical, replacing cabinetry and fixtures, and adding custom finishes.

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