Muscle Lab Advances Wellness Ecosystem with Cryo.AI Acquisition, Launches AI Workshops and Offers Free Memberships to Armenian High School Students

Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 4:00 PM CDT

Los Angeles-Based Health Hub, Muscle Lab, Provides Complimentary Wellness Memberships to Local High Schools

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Muscle Lab, the Los Angeles-based health company used by professional athletes and celebrities, is pushing the boundaries of holistic solutions behind the acquisition of Cryo.AI, a vital move in enhancing its AI-driven wellness solutions.

Bronny James, a former Sierra Canyon High School basketball player, exits a cryotherapy...
Bronny James, a former Sierra Canyon High School basketball player, exits a cryotherapy chamber after receiving treatment at Muscle Lab's Pasadena location.(PRNewswire)
Armenian students will enjoy free memberships while other local high school students will receive 50% off Muscle Lab One

Additionally, the launch of an AI Workshop series and the announcement of a philanthropic initiative for local high school students comes as a testament to Muscle Lab's commitment to fostering an integrative wellness community.

"The AI workshops are not merely about wellness, they're about employing AI as a life enhancer," Muscle Lab co-founder, Andy Treys, said. "We aim to educate and equip our community members with the knowledge needed to harness the power of AI for the improvement of their daily lives."

Along with the public AI Workshop series, another key component of this endeavor will afford thousands of high school students throughout Southern California the opportunity to purchase Muscle Lab One memberships at a 50% discount, while Armenian students from specified institutions will enjoy free memberships.

Treys, an Armenian-American, created the complimentary membership offer as a personal and sincere gesture to the ongoing crisis in Artsakh.

Beginning in mid-November, Muscle Lab is set to extend free Muscle Lab One memberships to Armenian students enrolled at the Alex Pilibos, AGBU, Holy Martyrs Ferrahian and Mesrobian institutions. Muscle Lab has started the process of establishing direct lines of communication with the respective Armenian high school principals to ensure a seamless integration of this offering.

Simultaneously, all other high school students will be able to benefit from a 50% discount on Muscle Lab One memberships, thus making wellness more accessible to a younger generation.

"Our objective is to empower the youth by providing them with the tools, resources and knowledge that will enhance their wellness and intellectual growth," Treys said. "This initiative is a step towards instilling a culture of health and technological adeptness not only among Armenian students, but all adolescents, ensuring they have a solid foundation to become the thought leaders of tomorrow, and ultimately, shaping a brighter future."

Muscle Lab One, the flagship offering at Muscle Lab, provides its members with a plethora of groundbreaking wellness solutions. At the heart of these offerings lies the Custom Recovery Plans that employ the power of AI to curate personalized roadmaps tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual. These plans ensure that members get the most effective and targeted recovery strategies, optimizing performance and health.

Furthermore, the AI Wellness App Store stands as a testament to Muscle Lab's commitment to integrating technology into wellness. This store offers a curated selection of AI-powered applications, each designed to address specific aspects of wellness, from nutrition tracking to sleep optimization.

Muscle Lab continues to redefine wellness standards through a blend of personalized services, advanced technology and a strong sense of community. This trifecta of new developments reinforces the company's position as a trailblazer in the holistic wellness sector.

The series of AI Workshops and the special membership offer for high school students epitomize the brand's ethos of community-centric wellness. Through these ventures, Muscle Lab hopes to inspire a culture of continuous learning, wellness and innovation, specifically among the youth who are the torchbearers of the future.

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