ENGINE Launch Announcement

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 9:00 AM CDT

ROGERS, Ark., Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The leading Omni-Analytics and Data Science Software Business servicing the Walmart Supplier Community, has launched! Founded by industry veterans Nick Dozier (CEO) and Pat Lockridge (COO), ENGINE, formerly known as Decision Science, was built from the ground up to rapidly accelerate the Analytical and Data Science capabilities of Leading Consumer Packaged Goods companies in the Walmart community.


The suite of products continues to expand, including Reporting/Visualizations, Automated Data Synthesizing, Assortment/Clustering, Forecasting, A/B Testing, ML/AI Modeling, Syndicated Analysis, eCommerce Capabilities, Decision Science as a Service, (coming soon) Revolutionary new Data App Platform, and many others. A large library of Walmart (Retail Link, Luminate) content is available inside ENGINE, as well as integration with syndicated datasets by Nielsen, IRI, and others. ENGINE is already working with several industry leading CPG customers, and major retailers.

"We've built an unrivaled array of software solutions, analytics, and services that provide a singular platform for nearly any analytical need inside of a CPG office. Where a customer traditionally needed 3 or 4 different software platforms, now all they need is ENGINE, this is going to be very disruptive. We're doing so many things with so much data, it's hard to summarize what we do in a sentence." says Engine CEO Nick Dozier.

Customers use ENGINE's AnalyticsHUB to automate daily reporting and dashboarding, DataFlow to automatically ingest data from Major Retailers and transport it to leading cloud providers like Snowflake and Azure Databricks, and several other proprietary software solutions to bring advanced capabilities to their teams.

An Industry first DirectConnect to the data allows advanced users, developers, and data scientists true programmatic access to the data using ENGINE'S SQL, R, PYTHON libraries, and visualization tools like Tableau and PowerBI, not to mention the customizable platforms inside of ENGINE. Business Users and Data Engineers can work in the same environment.

DECISION SCIENCE team (as a Service) is led by SVP of Data Science, Daniel Palmer. This team consists of senior data scientists and retail domain experts that work very closely with ENGINE customers to drive maximum value out of the data and insights. Engage with this team to work on advanced needs including Joint Business Plans, Forecasting, AI/ML Model Creation, Data Schema Design, and more.

"Looking forward with ENGINE, one of the things we're most excited about is Walmart Luminate. Luminate is changing the rules about what it means to be a data leader in this industry. We have some very strong capabilities around this platform already.", Pat Lockridge.

ENGINE's team consists of Senior Level Engineering and Data Science talent with 25+ team members and is rapidly growing with 10 open positions across many disciplines. ENGINE is based in Northwest Arkansas (3335 S. Market St, Rogers, AR 72758) and recently expanded into a new office building next to Theos.

For more information please contact info@engine.net

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