Unit 3: Measuring Weather

Posted by KCRG-TV9 First Alert Weather on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Anemometer: Tells us the Wind Speed. The faster the cups spin around, the higher the wind speeds

Wind Vane: Tells us the Wind Direction. The back has a fin that spins around in the wind.

Thermometer: Tells us the Temperature. When it gets warmer, the liquid rises.

Rain Gauge: Tells us how much rain has fallen.

Barometer: Tells us the Air Pressure. Liquid or needle moves up and down like a thermometer to determine how high or low the pressure is.

Weather Balloons: Tells us the weather up through the atmosphere. The balloon sends information back until the balloon pops.

Doppler Radar: Tells us where precipitation, like rain and snow, are. It sends energy out and if it “hits” something it will send a signal back. If it doesn’t then it will show up blank.

Satellites: Take pictures of clouds. They sit around 23,000 miles above Earth. There are 3 types: Visible, Infrared, & Water Vapor.

Computer Models: Put current conditions into complicated equations. The results are put together to make pictures/graphs/maps on what the weather could do.