Two Cedar Rapids strongmen win world titles with help of super glue

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. (KCRG) - You might remember big Ken McClelland, the owner of Anvil Gym in Hiawatha, finishing third in the World this summer in Ireland.

He recently topped that finishing on top of the podium at the Masters World title in North Carolina.

"This is my first world championship, at this point I have 4 National championships in a world championship. I was pretty happy with it." McClelland said.

McClelland isn't just winning World Strongman competitions, he is also training some of the strongest men in the world like former Wash and Wartburg football player Devon Reese, who won the 198 pound title at the official strongman games in North Carolina.

"I've already gotten two national titles as a light weight to world titles as a light weight. Now I have a world title as a middleweight." Resse said. "I just want to keep climbing and keep doing that."