Tania Davis returns to Iowa City, but as an opponent

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - During Wednesday's game versus Clemson, Iowa recognized two former Hawkeyes in Hannah Stewart and Tania Davis. They each received their Big Ten Tournament Championship rings.

For Davis, that wasn't the only reason for her return to Iowa City. She was also on the opposing bench serving as a graduate manager for Clemson.

"I did not think I was going to be coming back so quickly," said Davis. "I knew I would come back eventually just for some games, but I didn't know I'd be coming back as an opposing coach, essentially."

Davis says she developed a passion for coaching during her two ACL injuries at Iowa.

"After my second ACL, it was more evident, just because I sat out a lot more games than I did my first ACL," she said. "I took on a much bigger leadership role and taught a lot more than my first ACL."

She also had coaching opportunities at Arkansas, Illinois and Tennessee, but knew Clemson was the right fit. She's soaking up a lot of knowledge, but the coaching staff also wants her to be a vocal leader as well.

"The coaches definitely understand -- and so do the girls -- they understand I came from Iowa, the type of program I came from, the coaching staff I came from," Davis said.

For Davis' former Iowa teammates, it was weird for them seeing her in orange and purple, but their friendship will last a lifetime.

"The connection that you make playing women's basketball like this, it lasts and lasts," said Iowa sophomore Monika Czinano. "So just seeing her again after not seeing her for so long was amazing."