Sunday Night Spotlight: Ahmad Wagner

LEXINGTON, Kentucky (KCRG) - From 2015-18, Ahmad Wagner was throwing down dunks for the Iowa men's basketball team. He played in 96 games, including 25 starts.

Now, Wagner is catching touchdown passes for the University of Kentucky.

"I didn't really think about it until after my season was over -- my last season of basketball was over," said Wagner.

Wagner played one season of high school football, but had 1,028 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns. His first season at Kentucky was certainly a learning experience.

"I wasn't just going to switch over and immediately be good," said Wagner. "I knew that wasn't going to happen; I'm realistic. You just lose certain things like how to run routes, how to beat defenders, how to read coverages. You just lose that and that's what I spent that year on."

This season, he's grown into a focal point for the Kentucky offense. Through five games, he has 12 catches for 248 yards and two touchdowns.

"I'm happy that I've gotten better, but there's still work to be done," he said.

As his skills continue to grow in football, Wagner does admit that he misses the game of basketball.

"I'm never going to lose that love for it," he said. "I have ambitions to coach basketball when I'm all said and done with everything in football. I miss the game, but I'm happy I'm playing football."