Solon's Cam and Kevin Miller grow closer together through football

SOLON, Iowa (KCRG) - They won 32 games together and went to the Class 3A state title game this past season. This year also marked the final time Cam and Kevin Miller were together not just as player and coach, but as father and son.

Last week, Cam signed to play at North Dakota State next season.

"He's always been apart of Solon football since the time he could walk, honestly," said Kevin Miller.

Cam finished with more than 6,700 total yards in three years as the starting quarterback for Solon. These past three years are something both of them will cherish, but they also admit that it wasn't easy in the beginning.

"When I was a sophomore, it was pretty difficult," Cam said. "He was on me pretty hard. I feel like my mom came in and she made sure that my dad was a coach, but he was also my father."

"He tends to take things a little personal, like a personal attack," said Kevin Miller. "When I, as his coach, am trying to coach him to perform at a certain level. I think we both understood how we both accepted one another's roles. From there, I think we grew considerably, especially this year."