Rock, Paper, Scissors. The routine that's paid dividends for Iowa's special teams

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IOWA CITY, Iowa. (KCRG) - Snap, hold, and kick. Three crucial steps. One doesn't happen without the other and each is a product of countless repetitions.

"I think the routine helps take the focus off of the actual in game snap. Once you get that going, its a great way to feel ready and a great way to feel prepared if you know exactly what is going to happen before each snap." said long snapper Jackson Subbert.

The entire units routine is working so far. Kicker Keith Duncan is a perfect 8-8 on field goal attempts and is one of give kickers in the country to be perfect on at least eight field goal attempts.

"My mindset had definitely changed." Duncan said. "Rather than being nervous to go kick, I'm very anxious. I'm anxious for the opportunity. I'm getting really excited to go kick a field goal.

"We kind of take that on ourselves as a unit." Holder Colton Rastetter said regarding the unit's success. "If it wasn't for the snap, the hold, and the kick we wouldn't be in the situation we are."

A friendly game of rock, paper, scissors has become an element of the pair's routine. After each and every kick, Rastetter and Duncan participate in the friendly competition as a way to have fun and to move on.

"With that celebration like it kind of in my mind takes away from the kick so then we focus on the next kick going in." Rastetter said.

Duncan's eight field goals and nine PAT's has given himself many opportunities to prove he is the better player.

"I got up early on Colton, it was 2-0 through the first two games and he got me twice last game, so were tied right now were 2-2. He's a big scissors guy so I'll have to take that into account next time."