Online yoga sessions aim to keep recovering addicts on track during increased isolation

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The coronavirus pandemic could be especially hard on recovering addicts, who could have more difficult time getting direct access to help.

Dusty Swehla leads a yoga class online for people recovering from addiction during times of increased isolation. (Scott Saville/KCRG)

A Cedar Rapids woman is doing everything she can to help from right here in her yoga studio.

Yoga of 12 Step Recovery is welcome to everyone and anyone dealing with their own addictive behaviors. Every morning at 9:00 a.m., Dusty Swehla holds a yoga 12 step recovery class online.

Just go to the Panda Marie, LLC Facebook page.

"I personally went through rehab almost 6 years ago. Thankfully I am in recovery," Swehla, owner of Panda Marie, said. "It is something that I have used for my recovery. Yoga, meditation, and working through some of these issues that live in my tissues.

Swehla is not only helping herself but other recovering addicts dealing with the isolation they are facing now.

"I thought being able to offer this daily as an outlet it’s a tough time to be alone," Swehla said. "It’s an easier I felt to kind of sink into my own little hole and time numb out. So that is not what we want to do. Sustainable recovery is a big part of Y12SR so keeping sober, keeping clean, and continuing to work through our issues in our problems."

Another example among so many people who are thinking outside the box to help people during these difficult times.