North Scott girl says it's a 'dream come true' to be on football team

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa (WQAD) - Teagan Goodney from North Scott is a running back and outside linebacker for the school's football team.

The junior in high school said she always thought "it would be so cool" if she could play.

Although she's a girl playing among the boys, her teammates say they just see her as a part of the team.

"She's got a tremendous work ethic," said her coach Kevin Tippet, "and you know she loves the game of football."

"Ever since I was younger one of my biggest dreams has been kind of like running out on to lancer field," she said.

And for Teagan, when she puts on the helmet and pads, she's just one of the guys.

"It's probably one of the best experiences I'll ever have in my entire life," she said. "I just love this all so much, everyone just treats me like I'm family."

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