#MoveforMaggie campaign motivates Anamosa residents to share workouts, do an extra rep

(Scott Saville/KCRG)
(Scott Saville/KCRG)(KCRG)
Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 10:18 PM CDT
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We have done some stories on people staying fit during the Coronavirus pandemic, and in Anomasa, they have a different incentive to workout as a show of support.

Maggie McQuillen, an Anamosa 4 sport star, was involved in a serious car accident last Thursday with a semi. She was trapped under the trailer of the semi and sustained severe head trauma.

"It has been tough," Ken Sunseri, cross-country and track coach for Anamosa, said. "Someone asked me how I was doing I said it depends on which five minutes you’re talking about."

"Broke my heart because Maggie was such a loving person," Calli Minger, one of Maggie's teammates, said. "It just hurts."

McQuillen is still in critical condition. The community is rallying around Maggie decorating the fence at the track with blue ribbons and signs.

"At any time of the day, somebody’s out here putting ribbons on the fence," Caitlin McVay, volleyball coach at Anamosa, said.

In addition to decorating the fence, her teammates and friends have started a #MoveforMaggie campaign on Facebook. People are posting their workouts and doing extra reps for Maggie.

It is so much like what Maggie would do, she would love it. She’s always doing extra workouts.

"Extra reps, pushing everyone to be better," Olivia Nebergall, another of Maggie's teammates, said. "She is one of the strongest people I know. She is amazing and her will to push through things is amazing. It is crazy like she is so tough."

"The only reason I am getting through this yes because she is so strong," Grace Lubben, another teammate, said. "Maggie I know if I was in this position she would be strong for me so."

This is the second Anamosa athlete to be seriously injured in a car accident the last year. We featured football player Tate Little last fall as our honorary athlete of the week. Tate has worked hard in his rehab and showed his support for Maggie, decorating the fence and he biked a personal record 1.8 miles.

He made it out here to the lap around the track.

He biked like 1.8 miles, which he has never done before either," Lucas Stanton, football coach, said. "He really pushed himself that’s the biggest thing is everyone leaning on one another and obviously those two included."

"Tate and I are super close, Maggie and I super close," Lexi Bright, Maggie's teammate, said. "But the second time I think our community is coming even closer together."

We're all praying for Maggie and doing one extra rep.

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