Mount Mercy student-athletes keep kids active in Jump Start program

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - In the past year, Mount Mercy has put together some state-of-the-art athletic facilities. Young kids from 3rd-7th grade are getting a chance to use those facilities this summer through Mount Mercy's Jump Start program.

"We felt that the community needs to have access to come in and enjoy them as well, instead of just driving by and seeing how cool they are," said Assistant Athletics Director Jason Pershing.

The program is three days a week and last three hours each day.

The day starts off with a meal, then the kids hear from a guest speaker and then do several different outdoor activities from dodgeball to water games.

The other goal is for kids to learn from the student-athletes at Mount Mercy.

"I'm an education major," said sophomore Abbi Kinnaird. "So being around kids is certainly something I enjoy. It brings something new to the table every day."

"They need people that can inspire them, motivate them and help them," said junior Royshawn Webb.

The last day for the program will be July 27.