Moms stay fit: Mother and Daughter share bond through roller derby

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. (KCRG) - Dawn Young of Cedar Rapids didn’t start roller derby until she was 48, and at age 53 she is still in love with the game and what it has done for her.

"It is pushed me to the limits in terms of the physical part and the mental part quite honestly of what I could do." Young said. "I have had some pretty hard falls and taken some pretty hard hits. You know what they say in Derby it’s not how many times you fall down it’s that you get back up each time."

Young, who plays for the Old Capital City Roller Derby team gets to share the track with her two daughters, Emily who is her teammate and Sarah who plays for Ames.

"It has been amazing I’ve been able to share the track both on the same team and sometimes against them on the track. It’s so empowering to share that with my daughters has just been amazing." Young said