Moms Stay Fit; Power lifting mom inspires son

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. (KCRG) - 35 year old Evah Turner is a busy single mom. By day she is a senior accounting financial coordinator at Rockwell Collins.

"This is what I look forward too after a long day at work." Turner said. "This is like my happy hour I guess I would say, If I want not doing all this it would probably be a lot more of a struggle to get to one point to another point."

At night, Tuner juggles her son's practices and throwing around heavy weights at Anvil Gymnasium.

"I guess I'm a little competitive. To be able to put that kind of weight on my back and to be able to squat that multiple times for so many different sets at my age is kind of amazing." Turner said,

Turner started power lifting and now her competitive spirit has her entering strongman competition where she deadifts a car 17 times in a row.

Watch the video ti see the rest of Turner's story