Washington State head coach Mike Leach reflects on his time at Iowa Wesleyan

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KCRG) - Mike Leach has had success everywhere he's gone.

He made Texas Tech in to a top-five team. On Friday, he and No. 12 Washington State will face No. 25 Iowa State in the Alamo Bowl.

Before all of that, he was an assistant coach at Iowa Wesleyan from 1989-91.

During a press conference on Thursday, he was asked about the people of Iowa.

"Iowans love Iowa," said Leach. "Folks from Iowa, they'd be going somewhere really cool. They'd be heading to, I don't know, Disneyland. Once they get back, they have their coffee. They'll say, Yeah, we went down there to that Orlando area, went to Disneyland, a little of that. It was nice. Ain't nothing like Iowa, though. Ain't nothing like Iowa, though.

"People are enthusiastic about the place, it was a captivating place."