Mike Konchar sees incredible results after a year of working out

Published: Jun. 24, 2019 at 9:21 PM CDT
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One year ago, Mike Konchar began his fitness journey at Anvil Gym in Hiawatha and it was a rough start.

"I basically about threw up and passed out. I have been coming back ever since." Konchar said.

One year later, and Mike has made some incredible improvements. One year ago he could only trap bar dead-lift 65 pounds, now he is up to 365 Pounds.

"I have never been this strong in my life. So that is a great benchmark." Konchar said.

When Konchar started working out he could only bench press 135 pounds, one year later he is bench pressing 225 pounds several times. He has some big strength gains in just one year.

"That is a definite pride thing. Flashback to the first time we did this. I was doing 135, really struggle to do that. I think I got it twice." Konchar said.

So how did he make those big strength gains in one year. The old fashion way. Hard work.

"I am working out Monday,Wednesday, Friday with weight training a little bit of cardio. Tuesday and Thursday I ride the stationary bike and go for walks." Konchar said.

Konchar says even though he hasn't lost a lot of weight, he has changed his body and his quality of life.

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