Lisbon family creates 1-mile loop trail in backyard

Published: May. 9, 2020 at 10:18 PM CDT
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People have had to make adjustments in trying to stay fit during COVID-19. One Lisbon family decided to create a multi-use trail, in their own backyard.

"The kids have been on it almost every day," said Ean Caskey. "I've been on it four or five times a week."

Caskey created the trail last month. He says that he and his family had wanted to do the project for quite some time. When all of the schools closed because of COVID-19, it pushed everything up.

It started with just a 400-meter loop around their house. The following day, Ean took it a step further by creating a one-mile loop around their 10-acre pasture.

"We have some live stock that use it for grazing, but otherwise, we haven't really utilized it since we've had the house," said Caskey. "I was surprised how easy the sod cutter worked. If we were trying to beat it down by our own usage, it would've taken all year."

Even when things open back up, you can bet that the trail is here to stay.

"It's nice for the kids," Caskey said. "If we have a little bit of time in the afternoon or in between their school work, they can go out, run a little bit, ride their bikes on it. We don't have to load them up in the car and go to a track or trail. We're able to hop right on right outside the front door."

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