Linn-Mar students work together to produce daily school newscast

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MARION, Iowa. (KCRG) - Kevin Fry, a former producer and assignment editor at KGAN, started LMTV 16 years ago. Before school begins at 6:45am, he's helping students prepare for the daily newscast that airs for the entire Linn-Mar student body.

"I walk around and boss people around and get the show going." Liberty Moore, the station's student manager, said.

Alec Helmle is the sports guy and he brings tons of energy in the morning.

"I've watched you {Scott Saville} and your predecessor {John Campbell} for a long time. You guys always made sports looks so fun to me so I wanted to replicate that in kind of what I do." Helmle said.

LMTV has some great equipment including 14 thousand dollar cameras that feed teleprompter just like they do at KCRG TV-9.

"They know how to read off a teleprompter so they are actually doing college work in high school." said Fry. "That is pretty cool."

It takes a crew of about 15 students to put to the daily newscast on with updates throughout the day.

For some of the students that would like to go into broadcasting someday, this is great experience..

"It's amazing what the school has done for us with this program and how much they can teach us at such a young age." said Cael Sleezer, student at Linn-Mar.

Even if you are not planning on going into broadcasting, the student's learn a lot about team and working under pressure.

You can watch LMTV on YouTube and Twitter.