John's Big Ol' Fish September 23

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- 1. Ryan Rose of Marion kicks things with the 45 pound flathead he muscled in.

2. Trevor frazier weighs in with his big ol' bass from South English.

3. Kael Hora also a bass man. Nice three pounder. Kael was fishing with his papa.

4. Shelly Foley is all smiles with this awesome crappie from Blackhawk Park.

5. How about the big bass Payton Summers nailed while using her frozen fishing pole at grandpa's pond.

6. Our second cael of of the day. It is Cael Struve and real nice largemouth.

7. Batting 7th is Sierra Folkers and she was mighty proud of the crappie she hauled in.

8. Coming out of the 8th chute is Conner Andreesen with his first fish from a friend's farm pond.

9. The bass were biting the day Bailey Westfall wet a line. That is a dandy.

10. So is this one being held up by Paige Eggers. Way to go buddy ro.

11. Jeff Scott Kiebel is a bass man. Check out this bad boy from near Sigourney.

12. Chris Geguzis had a great canadian fishing trip topped off by this huge 43 inch northern.

13. Annalee Payne loves fishing off the dock at grandma and grandpa's pond. this is one of four she hooked.

14 Kelsey Klesner hit the jackpot at a farm pond near guernsey. How bout that big ol catfish.

15. Jeff Lihs was a happy camper after landing this 14 pound king salmon in huron bay.

16. Now this is a slab bluegill and gavin reed is the young man who will always remember catching it.

17. Jordan Boehde from Sabula holds up his first fish of the summer, caught it in a pond near clinton.

18. Ava Meier also getting into the bluegills. Ava got this beauty at Lake MacBride.

19. Taiden Hanson was fishing the Mississippi with his dad and brother when he hauled in the three foot gar.

20. And bringing down the curtain on this award winning edition of big ol fish is Dillan Post and that is an award winner

With all my fishing friends, this is John Campbell reporting.