IGHSAU experiments with shot clock during Rivalry Saturday

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Only 10 states in the country have shot clocks for high school basketball. On Saturday at Coe College, sixteen girls' basketball teams participated in Rivalry Saturday, but the catch this year was they'd play with a shot clock.

Teams had a 35-second shot clock and also had a college-level bonus situation where teams were awarded two free throws after the fifth foul of a quarter. The fouls reset after each quarter.

"We listened and thought we'd give it an opportunity to try some different things to spruce up the game," said Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union associate director Gary Ross.

For most teams, the shot clock didn't affect anything.

"Our style is to get up and down the floor, put up a bunch of shots," said Iowa City West head coach BJ Mayer. "So we weren't too concerned with the shot clock."

There's no way to know if Iowa will eventually add a shot clock to high school basketball, but the players enjoyed trying something new, even it was just for one day.

"I like it just because it gives you a goal for defense," said Iowa City West junior Audrey Koch. "They can't hold the ball forever."