Hometown Hawkeye: Tristan Wirfs

MOUNT VERNON, Iowa (KCRG) - Mount Vernon native Tristan Wirfs has excelled at every level.

In high school, he led the football team to the state championship game in 2015, he won a state title in wrestling, and was a two-time state champion in discus and shot put.

He's now a dominant force on the offensive line for Iowa. He was recently named All-Big Ten honorable mention.

He owes a lot it to his mom, Sarah, who raised him as a single mom along with his sister Kaylie.

"It wasn't easy," said Sarah. "It was pretty stressful a lot of the time. I struggled financially for a long time and just trying to be everywhere with the kids. I really wanted them to have as many opportunities as they could."

Wirfs certainly has a bright future in the NFL and his mom gets emotional seeing him fulfill his dream.

"It is so emotional watching him come out of the tunnel," she said. "I tear up every single time and it's just the neatest thing to see him absolutely living his dream."