Heath Moyer overcomes car accident to chase dream of wrestling state title

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TROY MILLS, Iowa. (KCRG) - "I saw the truck and the next thing I remember is waking up and him standing besides my car." said North Linn junior Heath Moyer. "I didnt know how I survived."

Moyer had someone looking over him the night of October 11th after a terrifying car crash.

"I had a pretty bad cut on my head. I had a lot of stitches. A couple of broken toes. I had no idea if I was even going to be able to wrestle at all this year." Moyer said.

"I am just blessed to have him." said North Linn head coach Brad Bridgewater. "When you look at the pictures and what could've been, we are just blessed to have him back."

Despite his injuries, Moyer wasn't about to spend his junior season watching from the stands.

"Well I was like riding the bike and stuff and working out in a boot trying to get my weight down so that I could take body fat and be able to wrestle as soon as I got cleared." Moyer said.

"You know you'd see him limping once in a while and that kind of stuff. You ask him how he is and he says he's fine. He says he's fine all the time but I know he's going through some stuff. I think when you see a kid with that kind of grit it elevates everybody's performance." said Bridgewater.

Heath has shown a lot courage and toughness in his comeback. He picked up his 100th career win last week. After losing in the semi-finals at state last year, he set a goal to win all this year.

"He has always been a super determined kid." said Heath's mother Rhonda. "He set goals at the end of last year in a matter what condition he was in this year he was going to work to make those goals."