Hawkeyes staying loose heading into Sweet 16

Published: Mar. 29, 2019 at 4:51 PM CDT
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As soon as the Hawkeyes hit the practice court on Friday they were laughing and having fun.

"We have so much fun playing basketball we know that's what it's all about." Senior Hannah Stewart said. "You want to go far in the tournament you want to do really well. We know how basketball and how we do is not our identity and that is not who we are as people. I think sometimes that gets lost."

Not only is the Iowa basketball team good on the floor but they are pretty good off the floor.

"I think it is just a genuine friendship, basketball was the initial thing that brought us together but after that it's all chemistry and love for each other and it's all natural." said freshman Monika Czizano.

"We are best friends on and off the floor and that makes it a lot easier." said junior Kathleen Doyle.

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