Hawkeyes enjoy day at the San Diego Zoo

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SAN DIEGO, Cal. (KCRG) - The Hawkeye Football team is just two days away from competing in the Holiday Bowl against USC and so far for the team its been a perfect balance of work and fun,

The team practiced every day of the week except for Christmas on Wednesday, , If you cant be at home for the holiday, the San Diego Zoo is not a bad alternative.

“Its been unbelievable, everybody here is phenomenal." Senior offensive lineman Levi Paulsen said., "The people, everything that they have us signed up for us from the San Diego Zoo to the naval ship.”

Levi Paulsen is incredibly interested in going into a profession that has to do with environmental studies. When he and three other teammates got a private visit with the zoo's animals, Paulsen made the most of it.

“You could be from I mean Iowa like we are and you never know that a Sloth in South America is like either threatened by the logging industry or whatever it may be so it is really touching and what these guys are doing here is absolutely unbelievable in terms of conservation” Paulsen said.

Both Paulsen twins along with Cedric Lattimore and Nick Nieman were shown three animals, the first was a African Pigmy Falcon.

“Her name is Jambo, and in Swahili that means Hello, and that was a good name for that bird because she came out and hooting and she was happy and she was happy to see people” Landan Paulsen said.

After Jambo it was Shakira the legless lizard, followed by the main attraction Xena the sloth.

“I’ve never seen or even touched a sloth that was pretty sweet." Nick Niemann said. "I mean in Iowa its pretty much just deer in the cornfield and then dogs we have at home so that was pretty sweet."

“I didn’t think I had it in me to touch it but I did it so, I was proud of myself for touching a sloth." Cedric Lattimore said.