Gaining an edge: Speed class

Published: Feb. 25, 2020 at 6:12 PM CST
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Young athletes are constantly trying to find an edge to compete on the playing field and in part one of the series "Gaining an Edge" we take you to a speed camp in Cedar Rapids.

"I'm just trying to help kids get faster in the Eastern Iowa area." said speed class coach and forner Iowa runningback Jermelle Lewis.

"Our youth sports are a big part of what we do at the high school level. Trying to get them young is primarily the goal." he said. "The fundamentals are very important especially at the ground level.

Lewis puts the young athletes through a lot of drills to help them improve their speed and quickness.

"Slow feet don't eat." Lewis said.

Ty Turner is nine years old and already knows exactly what he wants to do in his life. Turner dreams of playing in the NFL and knows this class will help him.

"It will make me faster so I can burn everybody." Turner said.

"I know his dream is to be an NFL football player. I will definitely put any time and money into the process for him just to help him grow." said Turner's mother Evah.

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