Former state tennis champion Rami Scheetz unites UConn classmates with video

Published: May. 27, 2020 at 9:59 PM CDT
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The big stage has never been an issue for former Cedar Rapids Washington tennis player Rami Scheetz, whether it was winning a state title or now playing college tennis at the University of Connecticut.

"A Cedar Rapids kid from Iowa is not the first kid they think is going to be a good tennis player" Sheetz said. "So I had to prove myself when I got there. Still, to this day, they joke around with me saying, you live on a farm -- kind of all the stuff you would think, right when I got to school."

But Scheetz is putting those labels aside and hoping to give everyone at UConn -- and across the nation -- some hope during this pandemic.

He recently made a video for an English project. He asked several athletes to say just one line: We Are Stronger Together. Overall, 16 athletes helped Scheetz with the project, including several international students, who delivered the message in their native language.

"I think it was honestly a mixture of what I love about sports, in a vacuum," Scheetz said. "What I love about sports -- what we talked about before -- regardless of your class, gender, community, you all unite towards one common goal."

Sheetz is hoping to return to campus in the next couple of months and compete again, but he wants his message to resonate -- not just with his fellow classmates, but anywhere in the world.

"It's obviously a struggle, but I think sports, as a whole, will get through it... it'll take a little bit of time," he said.