Eastern Iowa grandma bodybuilder earns pro card

RYAN, Iowa. (KCRG) - "I gained 60 pounds with my last child I was on bed rest. I have been there so I get it. If I can do it anybody can." Says grandmother Erin Maretta.

After raising 5 children, Maretta of Ryan, Iowa. decided it was time to put herself first for once and she started hitting the gym.

"This is a major dedication. I work out about six days a week." Maretta said. "I'm just hitting the weights and hitting them hard to add size so that when I do cut and hit the cardio I don't lose everything."

After getting the workout bug, Erin saw a flyer for a local bodybuilding show and decided to enter. Working out and diet are only part of bodybuilding, Erin had to figure out how to perform on stage.

"The heels or 5 inch heels." Maretta said. "You are in a bikini you can put in the palm of your hands. I just practiced and practiced and practiced. You get on stage you are nervous your knees are shaking."

After finishing third in a local show Erin decided to test herself in a big show in Kansas City where she earned her bikini masters pro card.

"I just cried, I cried on stage. I called my mom first thing and I was bawling. Maretta said. "It was something you never think you can do and then boom it's there."

Erin is just another great example that it is never too late to get fit.

"My youngest daughter is 12 and she just thinks this is the coolest thing ever. Her mom won a pro card. My goal is just to continue being fit and waking up every day and being OK with how I look." Maretta said.