Des Moines woman mourns the death of her husband of 50 years due to COVID-19

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 5:27 AM CDT
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An Iowa woman is mourning the death of her husband after she says he contracted COVID-19 while the couple was on vacation.

Marcia Isaac said she and her husband Gayle took a cruise on March 6, before docking in San Diego.

The couple was supposed to spend a week there, but decided to head home after Gayle developed a fever and cough.

Marcia said she began to show symptoms of COVID-19 and was not allowed in the hospital room. She said Gayle died on April 3, after spending a week on a ventilator.

She said she had to say goodbye to her husband of 50 years through a video chat.

Marcia said she has since recovered from COVID-19, and she hopes those who do not take the virus seriously will listen to her story.

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