Cedar Rapids native creates stickers honoring Washington State teammate

Published: Apr. 26, 2020 at 10:22 PM CDT
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When he's not sacking opposing quarterbacks for Washington State, Dallas Hobbs uses that time to draw. The former Cedar Rapids Washington prep is majoring in graphic design and is always drawing up new ideas.

"I'd always sit down in my locker or on my couch and design," Hobbs said. "People always want to come up behind my shoulder and see what I'm working on."

One of those people was teammate Bryce Beekman, who passed away last month. It was a tragic moment for everyone on the team and Hobbs wanted to honor him in some way. He started designing some stickers and shared them on social media.

Then, he took it a step further.

After getting permission from Washington State's compliance department, Hobbs created an order form for the stickers on his Twitter account. All of the proceeds would go to the Beekman family.

Hobbs wasn't prepared for the amount of orders that came in right away.

"I kind of figured it'd just be the team, a couple of people around the community and that'd be about it," he said. "The plan initially was to create them all myself because I have the sticker machine and all the material to create them. I wasn't thinking it would reach 700 stickers. I think it was a total of 225 orders and 700 stickers. That was just too much to do on my end."

He closed the site after just four days to catch up on all of the orders. His mom, Angela, helped him with a few adjustments.

He mailed the first order of stickers earlier this week and raised almost $15,000 for the Beekman family.

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