Cedar Rapids' Dylan Martin will compete in Dubai to become World's Fittest Man

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 8:14 PM CST
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Dylan Martin of Cedar Rapids is one fittest men in the world. He just finished in the top 30 in the world at the recent CrossFit open, competing against over 150,000 athletes from all over the globe.

The top 30 will now go head to head in Dubai to find who truly is the fittest man in the world.

"So not only do I get a chance to compete for Iowa in Cedar Rapids, but the whole United States." Martin said.

"It is a great honor to be able to do that because there's guys from South Africa, France, China, Dubai, everywhere across the world. Being able to support Iowa and support the United States is going to be and honor the first time I get to do that internationally."

Martin has been working his tail off for the last six years to get to this level. He spends six days a week at Craft Fitness training every muscle in his body to be ready to handle whatever the competition throws at him.

"To be the fittest on earth you have to be a hard worker." Martin said. "You have to put a lot of time in and honestly you have to be good at literally everything. Gymnastics, conditioning, swimming, weight-lifting, strongman, all that stuff you have to be good across-the-board you can't have any holes."

Martin will take off Friday for Dubai to get his body acclimated to the climate. He will be competing for big cash and even more importantly a big name sponsor.

"The higher you finish the better chance you have at landing those big sponsorship deals like Nike. They take notice of people who make competitions regularly. Top-five finish would be the goal so I can make that happen." Martin said.

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