Cedar Falls receives letter thanking them for act of sportsmanship

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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa. (KCRG) - Last Friday, the Cedar Falls Tigers defeated the Ankeny Hawks and after the game lined up to shake hands. Quinton Munson is a manager for the Hawks and is wheelchair-bound and seemed to be struggling to get to mid-field.

"Really I wasn't thinking too much when I shook his hand, I just thought it was the normal thing to do." senior quarterback Cael Loecher said. "It was just instincts really."

The Tigers were quick to see Munson as part of the team and didn't hesistant to include him in the post-game ritual.

Jennifer Rabbitt, Munson's stepmom, saw the act and felt obliged to write Cedar Falls' athletic director Troy Becker a letter commending the act.

Here is the letter in full.

Dear Mr. Becker,

Last night I drove 2 hours to support my step son, Quinton, and the Ankeny Hawks. My high school football team won the state championship my senior year and I was so excited to come back to the dome.

My son isn't a player though, as much as he would love to be, he is a football manager. Quinton is wheelchair bound and struggles to fit in sometimes. This was his first away game that he got to ride with the team and although he was excited, I was nervous for so many reasons.

Last night was an intense game that had my heart racing so many times. To say I was upset we lost would be an understatement, but what I saw your team do after it was over, erased that in a second.

You see, Q was struggling getting across the field to shake their hands and tell them they played a great game. Your players went out of their way to shake his hand, some had even turned towards their sideline and catching a glimpse of him, came the rest of the way across the field just to shake his hand or give him a high five.

In a world surrounded by hate, your players showed me that there is still so much good in the world, we just focus too much on the bad. With tears in my eyes and a full heart, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. That meant more to me than you could ever know.

Although last night I arrived a Hawk fan, I became an even bigger Tiger fan before I left. Tell the coaches and high school staff they've done an amazing job on and off the field. Keep it up!

Please feel free to share this with the players as well so they can go home and tell their parents that this momma says thank you for raising some amazing young men.

Last night wasn't just about the W, they made a difference in our little world that we will never forget. Good luck to you all this year and I look forward to another meeting!


One Grateful Momma

""In athletics we put so much emphasis on winning and that we forget about some of the little things that go on in high school athletics and the lessons that can be taught with kids about being just polite, simple things as please and thank you." said head coach Brad Remmert.