CPU's Dufoe and Katcher balance soccer and track

Published: May. 2, 2019 at 6:42 PM CDT
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It's been a busy spring for Center Point-Urbana juniors Lauren Dufoe and Adrianna Katcher.

They've helped the Stormin' Pointers' soccer team to a 7-2 record and are ranked third in Class 1A. On top of that, they also compete for the track and field team. Katcher has done both sports for the past three years, while Dufoe is doing both for the first time.

"I did indoor track my sophomore year, and then not doing outdoor track, I started to miss it," said Dufoe.

"Having to make that decision between soccer and track, I didn't know if I could do it," said Katcher.

Normally, both of them do soccer practice first and then go to track, but that's over with by the time they arrive. Their track coach emails them a list of workouts.

"We make sure that we hold each other accountable," said Katcher.

Their schedules stay busy with soccer and track, plus, they have AAU basketball practice and homework. But they wouldn't change a thing.

"I would regret it looking back if I didn't do soccer and track," said Katcher.

"My mom and I talk all the time about how we only get to do high school once," said Dufoe. "I'd be really bummed to look back and say I didn't take advantage of them."

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