Biking through the winter

Published: Feb. 13, 2019 at 4:13 PM CST
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"I commute all year so it's not uncommon that there are cars sliding all over the place, spinning their tires and here I am just putting right through on my bike. I'm not going very fast but I'm getting there." said Joe Diaz of Cedar Rapids.

Diaz doesn't need a car, he pedals to work everyday through big snow on his Fat Tire Bike.

"I sold my car a few years ago." Diaz said. "I have been commuting by bike for a while now. A lot of people think I'm crazy, I am suffering every day but no it's fun."

Not only do you save a lot money on car payments, gas, and insurance, you also get some big time exercise.

"It is a lot of exercise especially when you bundle up and get a good sweat going." Kyle Moscrip said. "It is definitely cardio and great exercise stay in shape through the winter. It's a little different mindset when you're riding in the winter in the snow. You are not going to go nearly as fast. You're not going to go as far but a lot of it is about the fun factor and just enjoying the ride."

You have probably seen quite a few fat tire bikes this winter the popularity is at an all-time high.

"It has gone up exponentially in the last five years. Six or seven years ago there was probably only a handful of fat bikes in the area. Now they are all over the place." Moscrip said.

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